Top Lawn Sprinklers: Custom Irrigation Systems for LaSalle & Area

Locally owned and operated, Top Lawn Sprinklers Service & Installation has been designing, installing, and servicing irrigation systems in southwestern Ontario for over 10 years. Our sprinkler systems help homeowners, commercial property owners, and businesses save time and money. They also help your landscaping thrive, adding value and attractiveness to your community.

Save Money, Time & Water
Stop lugging around that dirty hose. Top Lawn Sprinklers can take care of the watering for you with our sprinkler service and installations. We install reliable systems that let you enjoy your property instead of working on it, so call us for a free estimate.

Greener Lawns, Lower Water Bills
Automated irrigation systems are an efficient way to maintain your landscape. Systems can be programmed to water in the early morning when many people are busy, saving you time. Watering when the sun is low means less evaporation, so less water is needed.

Relax & Enjoy Your Lawn & Garden
A great-looking lawn doesn’t need as much water or work as you would think. Modern technological advances allow for irrigation sensors that gather local weather trends and determine optimal watering times. Your landscape will be healthier as a result, and you’ll save money on your water bill.

Count on Top Lawn Sprinklers to maintain your system so that it runs trouble-free all year.


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